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Why Us

We are an important partner in our candidate‘s career which includes being a resource for job market trends, current openings, company information, interview preparation and coaching, salary negotiation and overall strategic career planning. We have a deep appreciation for this industry and the impact it has on people‘s lives. This appreciation translates into a unique approach to candidate relationships, where our search experts are recognized for their investment in the happiness and success of our candidates.

Our 5-Step Process


Since 2003, we have been a strategic partner and resource for our candidate’s career search.

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Be Prepared

Preparation is key to success. Gather your documents, review interview tools, and communicate with your recruiter.

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Leverage our tools & resources to place your best foot forward while interviewing.

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Offer & Onboarding

Offer letter, resigning, onboarding, career transition, integrating into a new team…it’s a lot, we get it. Let us guide you through a smooth and professional transition.

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Shared Success

Your feedback and career development is important to us too.

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View our current job openings. If you don’t see a position that sparks your interest, feel free to reach out to us! We’re always adding new positions to our interior design job board, so reach out to us, and be the first to know.

What Can Interior Talent Do for Candidates?

Here at Interior Talent, we provide a full-service agency with job seekers in mind. Being in the industry since 2003, we strive to help you put your best foot forward while helping you on the road to employment.

To do this, we put your resume in front of decision makers within the design & architecture industry which in turn helps you build your network.
Once we have matched a candidate to a job opening, we will provide continual support to make sure you present yourself in the best manner possible to receive a job offer.

How Interior Talent Assists Candidates Looking for a Job?

When we receive a candidate’s profile, we review their resume and evaluate their technical capabilities, career goals, and any certifications they may possess.

We are a premiere job recruitment company that has industry experience since 2003 which has allowed us to forge an intricate understanding of the design & architecture industry.

We evaluate each candidate’s resume meticulously while listening to their needs closely, all with the goal of improving our odds at matching them with the best jobs available.

Once we have a professional and interpersonal understanding of a candidate, we evaluate current job openings while remaining vigilant about future opportunities. Ultimately, we want each candidate to be satisfied with any job they are matched with by our company, so recommending quality jobs is our top priority.

Where can I Learn More About Industry Specific Resources?

At Interior Talent, our recruitment specialists are knowledgeable in many aspects of the design & architecture industry. Whether you specialize in the business or technical side of the industry, we have numerous resources listed by each industry sector to help you find a job and advance your career.

Strong Industry Knowledge

One of the most critical points in securing a new job begins before a firm meets a potential candidate. Your application is your first impression and will be scrutinized by any potential employers before they decide to grant you an interview.

If you want your application to be considered, it is imperative that your resume is error-free and professional. We will provide you with key insights into what attributes are valued within this industry in order to help you succeed at this stage.

Executing the Perfect Interview

As many industries become increasingly reliant on technology, more interviews are being conducted virtually than in the past. Regardless of the medium, you should still act as if you were having an in-person interview.

We can provide you with potential questions from both the interviewer and interviewee’s perspective to prepare you for any interview. Moreover, we will assist you in understanding the interpersonal aspects of the interview process to help you stay calm during your interview.

How our Strong Industry Connections Help You

We have forged many professional relationships in this industry and have matched numerous job seekers with employers since 2003. Projects in this industry require meticulous effort to complete, so selecting the right candidate can significantly impact a firm’s success. Additionally, decision makers in this industry face the unique obstacle of finding ideal candidates since the job pool is not as large as other industries.

We communicate directly with decision makers to provide you exclusive insights as to what they are looking for in a candidate. We also function as your representative and use our industry connections to get you access to exclusive jobs posted on boards that are not accessible to the general public.

Our team understands the nuances and challenges within the industry, and we use this knowledge to help talented job seekers land jobs within the design and architecture industry.

Considerate of Our Candidates Time

Applying for multiple positions is a common strategy, but how can a candidate know where they stand with each company? The average time from interviewing for a job and a response from an employer is 24 days, so it is imperative for a candidate to have a working knowledge of where each company is in the hiring process.

To do this, we will provide updates to keep you informed about each position you apply for and make sure you do not miss an interview or neglect other vital steps on the road to employment.

Let our team at Interior Talent get your name in front of employers today.