We match interior design talent and skill with your business needs.

Since 2003, Interior Talent has leveraged experience, networking, and in-depth knowledge to recruit and place top professionals in the interior design industry. We understand that finding the right professional, whether a project designer or studio director, requires something more than an attractive job advert.

Several graduates hold a bachelor’s degree in Interior Design, offering interior design recruitment and talent development opportunities. Experienced interior designers and professionals in different positions are also out for better jobs and new projects. While this creates an abundance of talent and professionals, it takes resources and experience to find the right people for the job.

Interior Talent is here to make the process as smooth as possible. We have a track record as one of the leading talent recruitment and outplacement firms in the interior design sector. We place licensed and National Council for Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ) certified designers with measured experience in the following interior design positions:

  • Principal of Interiors
  • Design Director
  • Studio Director
  • Senior Interior Designer/Project Manager
  • Senior Interior Designer
  • FF&E Designer
  • Project Designer
  • Interior Designer
  • Mid-level Interior Designer
  • Junior Interior Designer
  • Interior Design Assistant
  • Design Consultants
  • Interior Design Specialist
  • And more!

Placing top design talent across all sectors:

  • Residential Design
  • Hospitality Design
  • Commercial Design
  • Restaurant (F&B) Design
  • Workplace Design
  • Multifamily Design
  • Healthcare Design
  • Senior Living Design
  • Education Design
  • Kitchen & Bath Design
  • Civic & Cultural Design
  • Showroom Design
  • Retail Design
  • Corporate Design
  • Government Design
  • Exhibit Design

Hire the Right People for Every Job

Interior Talent offers access to a network of interior design professionals trained to balance aesthetics with technical skills. Your company is only as successful as the people you hire, so it is vital to get the right professional for each role or duty.

Whether you need a new interior design apprentice or CEO, we have the network, skill, and experience to match your requirements with the best candidates for the job. At Interior Talent, we recruit and place professionals with specialized interior design talents and skills.

Look no further. Interior Talent finds the leading corporate, healthcare, kitchen & bath, sustainable and universal interior designers for your firm so you can focus on tracking and achieving your goals. Whether you need one or ten new employees, our interior design recruiters will get you the best there is.

We Trust the Process

Interior Talents uses a straightforward recruitment process geared towards finding the best candidate for the position your firm is offering. We provide an end-to-end hiring service predicated on the following principles:


We believe in earning our credits and merits. Our recruiters have mastered the process of networking and finding highly skilled interior design professionals with matching experience and abilities for the advertised post. We offer specialized hiring services with proven results.


We take time to create clear, concise, and enticing job adverts and position descriptions to attract the right applicants for the job. Also, we advertise on multiple channels to get applications from different pools or those you specify.


Applications go through a comprehensive screening and negotiation process to find the perfect candidates for the position. Accordingly, we recommend licensed and NCIDQ certified interior designers who meet the experience and other custom requirements.


Interior Talent is unlike traditional interior design recruitment firms; our recruiters cultivate relationships with professionals, providing career path advice and promoting best practices to catapult the interior design industry.

Our Promise to All Clients

At Interior Talent, we know the principles of trade and are unwavering to the placement of skilled and experienced interior design professionals, allowing you to focus on running your company. Whether you need a studio director for a new office or seek to shift some responsibilities, our recruiters are devoted to understanding your company’s requirements. Since 2003, we have committed resources to build a functional network you can tap into for leaders in the interior design industry.

What Clients Say About Our Interior Design Recruitment Services

“Interior Talent helped us to find a Director of Interior Design, a position we had been searching for on our own for a long time. They were very knowledgeable and really understood our needs. They sent me a few candidates that met exactly what we wanted and about a month later we hired one of them. I would definitely work with them again on another opening.” A.H. Director Human Resources, Global Hotel Giant

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