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Completing Your LinkedIn Profile

As we all know, LinkedIn has become a uniquely diverse platform for professional networking, job searching, and outward recruitment.

If you are actively looking to take a step in your career, or are hoping that a recruiter will reach out while you are still in a passive mindset, read more for a few items to consider when refreshing your LinkedIn profile.

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Continued Education

The Architecture and Design industry is one of many that requires continued education in order to uphold licensure and stay connected in the industry. Luckily, there are so many great ways to learn something new, be exposed to a side of the industry you may not have interacted with before, and ensure your licensure stays active.

If you’re looking to expand your knowledge, consider tuning in to these industry insights we have gathered for you.

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Counter Offers – Let’s talk about them

After weeks of subtly searching for a job, submitting countless resumes, and even attending multiple interviews, you see the light at the end of the tunnel… an offer letter. Now the time has come to inform your current boss that you’ll be confidently accepting a new opportunity and feel that it is best to take this step to further your career – and then it happens. The counter-offer. They ask you to stay and negotiations ensue… now what?

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Friday, March 5, 2021 is the official next Employee Appreciation Day but is it? Everyday should be employee appreciation day because your employees are your firm’s biggest asset. 

Read more for a few ways to show your gratitude to a staff that goes above-and-beyond and surprise your well-deserved team with a great gift that will last all year round.

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often read articles centered on the importance of seeking out and building healthy relationships with a mentor – whether at a new job, a different industry or simply for a fresh outlook. There’s no doubt mentorship is a valuable resource too often overlooked, but the responsibility of growth shouldn’t rest solely on the mentee. It’s a false assumption to think the only person benefiting from mentoring is the individual pursuing advice when in fact; a mentor can gain strides from a mentee through out-of-the-box means.

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Summertime Recharge & Refresh

We are over a month into summer which also means that a bit of relaxation is in order. With all that has changed in the previous months, it is important to remember that taking a moment to pause can actually help you dive back into your work more focused than ever.
If you’re looking for ways to recharge and refresh, here are a few things we recommend.

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