What Your Choice of Lighting Says About You.

May 24, 2024
May 24, 2024 ThePost

We all understand that lighting is an important part of any room. It’s functional; it sets the mood and brings a space together. Your choice of lighting also reflects your personality and style, whether you’re an interior designer, lighting professional, or homeowner.

Read more as we uncover what we think your lighting preferences reveal about you!

1. Sculptural Pieces

You love a conversation piece and relish sharing elaborate stories about the interesting things you find and the scavenger hunts you go on to retrieve them. If your space boasts sculptural lighting, you value making a statement. Your penchant for these artistic fixtures reveals a bold and creative spirit, unafraid to embrace unconventional forms and transform your room into a work of art.

2. Antique Lighting

Stepping into a room adorned with antique lighting is like stepping back in time, and it speaks volumes about your appreciation for history and nostalgia. Your choice reflects a love for the elegance and charm of bygone eras. We wouldn’t be surprised if you’re an avid thrifter and a classic movie lover.

3. Cordless Lamps

Cordless lamps are the epitome of versatility and convenience, and if they’re your go-to lighting choice, you’re all about flexibility. You’re not too big on lighting being the showstopping element of the room, or you probably reside in a smaller space or apartment. However, do not confuse the cordless lamp lover with being any less interesting than the rest, the lovely thing about this option is that lamps like this one shown by Creme Atelier allow you to merge fun and functionality.

4. Bespoke Lampshades

Let’s take a look back in time: Was your locker decorated in knick-knacks of your favorite color? How many things did you own with your name or initials stitched? One thing about you is that you never miss an opportunity to personalize the things around you. Your choice of bespoke lampshades reveals your unique sense of style and individuality. By opting for custom-made shades, you’re not just lighting up a room; you’re adding a personal touch and elevating your space with a one-of-a-kind aesthetic that reflects everything you want to represent. We like you, don’t let that inner teenager in you go.

5. Oversized Pendants

Go big or go home seems to be your motto when it comes to everything, and lighting is not excluded. Your love for oversized pendants suggests a desire to make a bold and dramatic statement. We’re confident that whatever you’re wearing at this very moment is nothing short of fabulous. You’re not afraid to command attention and create a focal point that captivates anyone who enters your space.

6. Smart Lighting

Smooth operator, that’s what we’ll call you. You strike us as high-brow but not pretentious. If your home is equipped with smart lighting, you’re most likely a type-A personality who’s undoubtedly tech-savvy and forward-thinking. Your choice reflects a desire for convenience, efficiency, and control.

7. Crystal Chandeliers

Quick! What’s your favorite Elizabeth Taylor movie? You’re just as dramatic as your giant pendant-loving friends but with an extra sprinkle of femininity and a dash of bourgeoise. Your preference for the timeless allure of a dazzling crystal chandelier speaks volumes about your appreciation for opulence. You’re drawn to the glamour and sophistication they exude, and you aim any room into a luxurious sanctuary fit for royalty.

8. Unconventional Materials

You’re the quirky one, and we love you for it. You’re less flashy than the neighbor with the sculptural light fixture but definitely more interesting. When you’re not reading our blogs, we’re not really sure what you may be up to – you’re a bit of a wild card. Fixtures crafted from unconventional materials—think recycled cardboard, reclaimed wood, or even upcycled bicycle parts—reveal your eco-conscious mindset and flair for the eclectic. You’re not afraid to think outside the box and embrace sustainable, out-of-the-ordinary lighting solutions.

9. Minimalist Lighting

Less is more for you if minimalist lighting is your vibe; you’re all about simplicity, purity, and understated elegance. In design, you typically lean towards clean lines, neutral hues, and open spaces, reflecting a desire for tranquility and mindfulness in your environment.

10. Recessed Lighting

Sleek, subtle, and oh-so-sophisticated, recessed lighting is the epitome of modern refinement. You and Mr. Smart House probably get along really well. This choice suggests a preference for clean, seamless design and a desire to illuminate your space with discreet yet impactful lighting solutions that blend seamlessly into the architecture, enhancing the ambiance without stealing the show.

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