The right leader will catapult a company to the next level. As an executive recruitment agency, we’re proud of our ability to recruit industry leaders with discretion and find the premium talent needed to fill leadership roles.

Executive leadership recruiting requires an appreciation for talent — built by an individual through a hard-won combination of skill and time.

The growth of a company hinges on the contribution and strategic decisions key players bring to the organization. We are experts at matching the position you have to offer to the executive candidate your company needs in order to reach the next level.

Interior Talent identifies and courts senior-level professionals to be key players in industry-leading companies across various markets — including design and architecture firms, business development, construction management, and manufacturing, to name a few.

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The Interior Talent Executive Search Division is proud to announce our placement of Worthen Furniture’s C.E.O., Doug Rozenboom. Rozenboom is a veteran of the design industry, previously heading operations at various top manufacturers such as A.R.T Furniture and Jonathan Charles. We couldn’t be more confident in his ability to lead a renowned company like Worthen towards continued success.

Worthen Furniture is the leading manufacturer of handcrafted custom beds and has been creating for nearly 50 years. Based in Virginia, the company has grown and evolved tremendously, becoming a respected source for top interior designers and hospitality groups.

Read more about Doug Rozenboom and his placement at Worthen Furniture.

How to Choose an Executive Recruitment Agency

There are a few key factors to consider when hiring a team to recruit executive leadership for your company:

  • You need a team that is skilled interpersonally and confident in their ability to match your needs to a new candidate.
  • You need a team with advanced research skills who are prepared to recruit senior-level professionals quickly and with discretion.
  • You need a team capable of handling salary negotiations gracefully — who can ensure that both the executive’s commitment and the company’s future are secure.

Interior Talent is that team.

We utilize a multi-step process to ensure that all of your company’s goals are met. In general, this process includes:

1. Actively Listening to Your Needs

In order to identify the senior-level professional that will make your company’s dreams come true, we must first assess your company’s needs. This includes your vision and long-term goals, as well as financial and strategic demands.

Here we will also ask what you have to offer the talent. This is your opportunity to showcase the benefits, time-off packages, work-life balance, and office culture your company offers that will attract a senior-level professional.

2.  Research & Identification

Next, Interior Talent harnesses our team of industry insiders to identify and court those senior-level professionals who share your drive, leadership, industry acumen, and expertise.

We discretely target and recruit appropriately qualified senior-level professionals. Timeliness and discretion are of paramount concern here. We work efficiently to find a group of ideal candidates that will meet — and exceed — your company’s needs.

3. Present Candidates

Once Interior Talent has identified those individuals who will bring success to your company, we will share a detailed summary of each potential candidate.

Every candidate will be a senior-level professional with a proven track record of improving the organizations they have worked within. They will all have references to verify their exemplary interpersonal skills, effectiveness as a team leader, and commitment to the vision and long-term goals of a company.

4. Salary Negotiation

When you have identified the candidate to whom you wish to offer the position, the Interior Talent team is still here to assist.

Each member of the team at Interior Talent is a trained facilitator, committed to striking a fair balance that respects and invigorates the senior-level professional, while meeting your company’s financial, operational, and managerial goals.

We focus on long-term success and satisfaction for both the senior-level professional and your team.

We Find the Ideal Executive Leader for Your Company

Interior Talent is prepared to identify the top executive leader for your organization, one who is excited about the challenge and prepared to jump into the role of:

  • Partner
  • Principal
  • CEO
  • COO
  • CIO
  • CFO
  • Vice President
  • Associate Principal
  • Associate
  • Director of Interior Design
  • Business Director
  • Director of Architecture

Reliable, exemplary leadership is critical to the success of a company.

Interior Talent doesn’t just find the best candidate — we find the talent that elevates and improves the companies and organizations they enter into. We recruit industry leaders who have decades of proven excellence with references to show for it.

Learn more about how Interior Talent can find the ideal leadership for your company. Schedule your free consultation today.


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