Keynote Speakers

Nadia & Kenneth Roberts

Nadia and Kenneth’s unique expertise in the field of Architecture and Design is guaranteed to give your attendees an exciting and informative presentation at any of these possible events:

  • Architecture & Design Industry events
  • ASID, IIDA, AIA and IDC Association meetings
  • Career Coaching seminars
  • CEU-credit required events
  • School/University-related career fairs

About Our Speaking Engagements

Kenneth is a member of the ASID Distinguished Speaker Series. This honor has further increased the demand for him to speak at industry associations, national seminars and events to educate members and attendees. When eligible, ASID pays the speaker directly for their honorarium and travel expenses.

How to Pick the Right Presenter

So how do you pick the right keynote public speaker for your event? How do you decide which presenter will keep your audience engaged and deliver a relevant and timely message that will exceed your audience’s expectation? Ultimately how do you decide if Nadia or Kenneth Roberts is right for your event? Think about your audience, the message they want to hear and how it should be delivered.

Your Audience

The audience is the most important element of any event. Their feedback will determine whether your event has been a success. Outside of being a keynote speakers Nadia and Kenneth’s day jobs are the Principals of Interior Talent, Inc, a recruitment and career coaching firm specifically for the Architecture and Design Industry. Nadia and Kenneth spend their days working directly with Principals, Design Directors and other senior leadership within the leading Architecture, Design and Manufacturing firms. Having their pulse on what employers are looking for and what types of positions are opening up in various market segments ensures their material is relevant and valuable for those on a job search.

In our experience, most audiences will respond well to:

  • Fresh, meaningful content
  • High-energy talent
  • Creative delivery
  • Industry specialization


Will the speaker’s message appeal to your audience? It’s critical that your speaker’s message appeals to every individual, no matter their stage of life, both professionally and personally. Nadia and Kenneth have created their talk to target emerging talent, seasoned professionals and those looking to make a career change. Their topic will offer new and exciting ideas to all ages and professional levels. Delivery A strong message with an average delivery won’t keep the audience engaged. Look for qualities in your speaker like charisma, audience participation, professionalism, and passion. Nadia and Kenneth only speak on topics that they feel passionate about. They have made a career of helping people find their next great position and having the opportunity to share this message for those on a job hunt is extremely gratifying. They have been asked back by several ASID Chapters and conferences due to the positive feedback the audience consistently shares. To book Nadia or Kenneth at your next event:

Previous Speaking Engagements

  • NeoCon
  • ASID Interiors
  • ASID Headquarters (National Webinars)
  • ASID NY Metro
  • ASID South Central
  • ASID Pennsylvania
  • ASID Tennessee
  • ASID Orange County
  • ASID Connecticut
  • ASID Florida West
  • ASID Florida North
  • ASID Florida South
  • ASID New Jersey
  • IIDA Portland
  • IIDA Pennsylvania
  • ASID San Diego
  • ASID Oklahoma
  • ASID Colorado