Finding the right talent fit for your interior design firm is our strength.

At Interior Talent, we provide specialized recruitment services that satisfy client requirements. Our core commitment is to match companies with qualified, skilled, and suitable candidates. We haven’t stopped honing our capability to deliver excellent service since our inception in 2003.

The architecture, design, and engineering industries have no shortage of top talent. But even the best designers need full, uncompromising support to get work done. In this regard, we offer administrative and technical recruitment services to fill project management, internship, supervisory, and related roles.

We prioritize placement for the following Administrative Support positions:

  • Executive Personal Assistant
  • Project Assistant
  • Design Assistant
  • Showroom Assistant
  • Sales Assistant
  • Inside Sales
  • Customer Service Support
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Sales Coordinator
  • Project Coordinator

On the side of technical services recruitment, we focus our efforts on aligning you with the most outstanding people for these jobs:

  • Project Architect
  • Intern Architect
  • Team Leader
  • CAD Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Studio Lead
  • Director of Architecture
  • Interior Architect
  • Green Building
  • Sustainability Designers
  • CAD Operators
  • Architectural Technologist
  • 3D AutoCAD Drafter
  • Applications Administration
  • BIM/Rivet Specialist
  • Digital Librarian

A Full-Service Approach You Can Count On

Skilled, responsible support staff keeps a studio humming and helps you and your designers concentrate on the business of architecture and design.

To help you realize this vision, we ramp up our search for experienced administrative professionals by tapping into our reliable, expansive network. We also consider potential employees’ credentials, values, and aspirations with utmost care to fulfill your unique set of criteria.

The same attention and dedication apply to hiring technical talents. We put tons of effort into filling architectural design technology jobs and interior design technology jobs. Our assessment process delves into proficiencies with documentation and rendering software. Further, we look for candidates with extraordinary hand-sketching and rendering skills.

Why Partner With Us

Excellence in administrative and technical services in recruitment does not happen overnight. This is the fruit of building the right foundation and continuing to strive for the best results for almost two decades.

Here are a few more reasons you should choose us as your strategic, long-term recruitment partner:

Industry Focus

Aside from architectural design technology and interior design aesthetics, we keep track of design engineering technicalities and design manufacturing nuances. Our deep design industry knowledge and experience allow us to cater to the exacting demands of our clients and their nature of work. Last but not least, we have been in this space for around 17 years, accumulating insider tactics and establishing a track record that you can leverage in creating ideal client-candidate alignments.

A Holistic Approach

As we said earlier, we help set the stage for international firms to find their ideal employees. Equally, we support our network of studio directors from project architects to structural engineers in landing their dream position. But it doesn’t end there. Our team of search experts also looks for administrative and technical support professionals who match our clients’ requirements. This full-service approach enables all sides involved to maximize the impact of our services on their companies or careers.

Relationship-Driven Recruitment

From architectural and interior design candidate placement to administrator and technical services recruitment, we boast a relational hiring process. We believe that going beyond transactional practices affords us the opportunity to know our candidates’ skills, competencies, and even career goals and the privilege to advocate for them. In placing our candidates in the right company, we treat them as valued individuals, not dispensable commodities.

Our Qualification Process

Being in the industry for many years means we have developed a superior candidate assessment process. Even before interviewing someone, we already equip them with resources like career openings, job market trends, and company information. Then we get to know candidates extensively by digging deep into their portfolio, project list, and performance milestones. One of the most exciting parts is understanding how each person’s core skills, personality, and behaviors factor into a professional environment.

Unparalleled Support From Interior Talent

At Interior Talent, our recruiters are dedicated to understanding your specific needs, and we have built up an extensive network over the years. This is how we’ve remained at the forefront of interior design talent recruitment. But we also never stop learning, striving for growth, and meeting new people who want to become a part of our exceptional talent network.

As you look for ways to fill support roles, go ahead and leverage our tried-and-tested process. You can also benefit from our suite of services if you are a job seeker.

Talk to us today to learn more about how our services can free you up to focus on what you do best and leave the hiring process to us.

“…Thank you so much for assisting me in getting this position. You have just made my year even happier!” K.G. Office Manager, High End Residential Design Firm Chicago

“Interior Talent is an instrument to find a job in line with your skills, education and experience. They present your skill-set correctly to the companies they work with and aim to find a good fit for you. They will be your guide until you accept a position and follow up when you’re in.” E.G. Architectural Technologist, Leading Commercial Design Firm, Vancouver, BC.

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