Career Talk with Lynde Gillis & Tana Riddell in 2023.

March 31, 2023
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March 31, 2023 ThePost

In honor of Women’s History Month, we highlight women who excel in their careers. Women in history who’ve helped to guide the course of the industry, women we’ve done business with, and women we know. 

We sat with two of our most experienced team members, Tana Riddell and Lynde Gillis, to discuss the journeys that led them to recruit in Architecture & Design and share insightful advice to give perspective to those planning to pursue similarly rewarding careers.

Professional Beginnings

Tana & Lynde both got an organic and unexpected start to their careers in recruiting with Interior Talent. Upon meeting our Principals Nadia and Kenneth Roberts at NeoCon, Lynde was impressed with the business they were developing. She felt that what they had to offer was a company with intention, purpose, and integrity. Similarly, Tana recalls meeting Nadia and Ken while volunteering for a non-profit, Events For Change, Inc, that the Roberts founded.

Driving Forces

We asked these professional women what has kept them impelled to excel in their work. We learned that the prospect of success could be a powerful, motivating force if you tap into what that could mean for you and use this to stay inspired. Lynde is also a strong believer in what she calls the law of attraction, simply meaning if you can visualize it and believe it, it will happen. Tana states that the faith she has in herself makes it easier for her to take on any challenge put before her without hesitance. She has applied this concept to all aspects and phases of her life.

An Industry Moving Forward

With updated technology and new generations of professionals making their way through the industry, it’s imperative that those already in their careers must keep up with every advancement. In recruitment and many industries, that means being aware and knowledgeable about what technical skills have become standard in the industry and keeping on top of new skills and systems that make the business more efficient.

“Twenty years ago, most candidates would just look for a “job”.  Now we see more underlying purpose and focus of their choices along their career journey. “

-Lynde Gillis

Even how professionals look for jobs has drastically changed in 20 years, which calls for those to adapt and pivot to new business processes and models. So much of the hiring process is completed before two parties even meet face to face. Lynde notes that candidates look for opportunities with more intention than before rather than changing from job to job; professionals are taking the time to map out their career paths. Since individuals have changed to this style, Lynde and Tana are fulfilled with the Interior Talent model because our approach leads to what aligns with your career path, not just another job.

Passing the Batton

Starting out in any career requires lots of trial and error, as you can only learn from experience. Tana realizes how valuable learning a second language is in maximizing your networking potential. In recruiting, a connection is essential, so any way you can maximize your opportunity to do so is well worth the time. Lynde believes a valuable piece of advice for younger women beginning their careers is to keep in mind that ten years can go by quickly. She stresses using your time wisely and making a 5-, 10-, and 15-year plan to keep yourself on track to your goals.

“Have the courage to leap for something beyond your comfort zone. It can start with the word ‘Hello’.”

-Tana Riddell

Tana and Lynde have endless valuable advice to give up-in-coming professionals and women looking to advance their careers. They are both accomplished in their careers, but these two women are constantly growing, adapting, and exceeding expectations.

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