Why Working With a Recruitment Firm is Best for Your Business.

May 30, 2023
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May 30, 2023 ThePost

The recruitment industry is only getting better and more efficient with time, but some companies may still feel that they are okay with sourcing talent independently. This may be the case for some, but working with a recruitment firm has many benefits. Twenty years of placing talent with architecture and interior design firms all around the nation have taught us that the capability and output of your company depend on a willingness to adapt to the methods of competitors hiring the best talent. One of those methods is to work with recruitment firms as they have relationships with an extensive database of talented potential employees that are not actively on the market.

If you have yet to use the services of a recruitment firm, here are some reasons why it may be to your advantage.

  1. Technology: Recruiting agencies have access to advanced applicant tracking systems and candidate relationship management software that help them locate and connect with record numbers of potential candidates faster. Recruiters also have specialized knowledge to utilize this technology. 
  1. Time: Recruiting agencies offer the time and dedication that allows them to create their own databases of available candidates suitable for specialized industries. Companies’ HR departments often aren’t able to financially maintain an internal recruiter due to finances and other company obligations. Your company will save valuable time from researching proper recruiting techniques on top of the task of sifting through various resumes and CVs. Recruitment firms can be true partners and schedule all the interviews, run background checks, and obtain references, which are time-consuming in the hiring process.
  1. Specialized Knowledge: Recruiters like us have extensive knowledge of the specific labor market. They can leverage this knowledge to create competitive offers that prevent you from losing your desired candidate. They also are able to use their experience to write job posts, review resumes, perform interviews, and maintain contact with the candidate. When the recruiter presents candidates, they can provide you with the market outlook from what the candidate pool and competitors are doing; leveraging this specialized knowledge can allow your company to stay ahead.
  1. Higher quality people: When using a recruitment firm, you tap into a well-curated pool of pre-screened and referenced candidates. Agencies can find the best available overall instead of simply finding the best out of what’s out there. These can be professionals that are excellent at their current position but desire more and are looking to pivot. Additionally, they can tap into the passive candidate market, which is not out specifically searching for your postings.  
  1. Exposure: A recruiter’s exposure to multiple firms can be used to your advantage. They have seen what practices are successful in acquiring and retaining talent, providing you with insight that will help you better your hiring practices and business overall. 
  1. Dedication: Commitment to serving the client is the most important reason to use a recruitment firm for your hiring needs. When a recruitment firm takes on the task of finding a candidate for an opening, they persist in finding a well-suited person to alleviate the space in your organization. Aside from the passion for the industry they work in, they are compensated for finding you the right person, and your company is not obligated to pay if the deal is not fulfilled. 

Check out this brilliant testimonial from a client whose business vastly benefited from our recruitment services.

“Interior Talent understood the needs of my small business and took the time to explore what we hoped our team’s profile would look like for our next chapter. In a very competitive market, they brought us several qualified candidates that could fit the missing pieces of the puzzle in different ways and stood by our best interests until the best candidate was hired. Their placement guarantee gave me peace of mind and in a business where every investment counts, hiring Interior Talent delivered both value and quality.”

Kathleen Walsh, Principal – Kathleen Walsh Interiors

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