Signs You’ve Found The Right Candidate

April 6, 2022
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April 6, 2022 ThePost

It’s easy to spot red flags when interviewing candidates. For example, they arrive late, give vague answers, and simply don’t show dedicated interest in the job. However, knowing if you are choosing the right candidate can sometimes be a trickier process.

Below, we cover the top ten signs that the person you’re interviewing may be the right candidate, especially when looking for technical talent.

How To Select the Right Candidate For The Job

You have to look for sure signs when choosing the right candidate for the job. So look beyond a polished resume, job requirements, professional appearance, and professional experience. Instead, here are some more in-depth signs you should pay attention to.

Consider the following next time you conduct an interview:

Advanced Preparation

The right candidate has prepared well in advance before the interview. They should have researched your organization, understood its mission and values, and demonstrated an alignment with your company’s culture.

Industry Knowledge

The best candidate will know your industry quite well. They should be able to discuss the market potential and industry trends. If candidates exhibit a good understanding of the industry and the latest developments, this is a sign that the candidate has a personal interest in their work.

Potential Leadership Skills

The best candidates can communicate their worth to your company through exemplary leadership qualities and professional experience. Not only can they perform their jobs well, but the best candidates can also pave the way for their peers towards optimum performance. A good leader, in this case, demonstrates self-awareness, knowledge of their strengths and weaknesses, and a willingness to learn. 

Good References From Previous Employees

A candidate who exhibits an array of positive references from previous employees will often be a standout amongst the crowd. This is because demonstrating a history of consistency and dedication in previous jobs will mean that the candidate is more likely to bring these positive qualities to any new organization they join.

They Can Work Around Difficult Questions

Ideal candidates don’t have to answer every question perfectly. However, when you throw a curveball during an interview, an excellent candidate will know how to probe further and find a close enough answer to questions that stump most applicants. They should at least be able to provide you with a positive response.

Ability To Keep Conversations On Track

When hiring managers choose the right candidate for the job, they sometimes get off track and talk about unrelated topics. If your candidate can recover from a side-tracked conversation and bring things around back to the topic, then you know it’s a display of their ability to pay attention to details. It’s a show of laser-sharp focus and a commitment to the task at hand – something you should look for in a candidate.

Willingness To Learn New Skills

Candidates come to an interview bringing with them their own set of professional skills acquired and honed through experience. They are confident about their abilities and technical know-how. However, the best candidates will demonstrate an ability and willingness to learn something new. The workplace is always evolving, and the best people for the job are the ones who can adapt and change as the nature of their work changes.

They Will Follow Up After The Interview

Not every candidate will follow up with you a day or two after the interview. However, when they do send you a follow-up email or call you, then you know that these candidates are serious about the position you’re offering. Even a simple note thanking you for your time is a sign of professional courtesy – another clue that your candidate is a cut above the rest.

Industry Experience

While it may sound similar, industry knowledge and industry experience are two different attributes. Industry knowledge is how well the candidate knows the industry, and industry experience is a tangible record of how they have applied that knowledge in previous years.

The ideal candidate has performed some of the roles or done similar tasks in the job description. Since they already know what is expected of them, they will become accustomed to their role quicker.

While years of experience shouldn’t be a deal-breaker, experience certainly helps when choosing the right candidate for the job in a more senior role, where knowledge of every aspect of the role is vital.

Confidence Before, During, and After The Interview

Hiring managers can make it a habit to meet job applicants beforehand. You can find certain tell-tale signs about people as they wait for their names to be called. The best candidates display a sense of confidence while meeting the competition, during the actual interview, and at the conclusion of the discussion with you.

Find out what time they arrived for the interview. Did they wait until the last minute before showing up, or did they come a few minutes beforehand? Find out their demeanor while waiting – do they show optimism and confidence in their abilities? These little details form a crucial part of the overall impression you get from a candidate.

Do You Need Help Finding The Right Candidate For The Job?

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