Shifting Design Trends in the New Decade

January 16, 2020
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January 16, 2020 ThePost

One of the wonderful traits of the Architecture and Design industry is the fact that it is ever-changing. We can follow trends that instantly spark with creativity and watch as fads fade away. As we enter 2020 and embark on a journey through a new decade, we welcome in a clean slate as well as new Architecture and Design innovations. A few of the predicted trends that we can look forward to include…

More of the Classic Blue that Pantone Selected as the Color of the Year

2020 will bring pops of bright color and the Classic Blue is meant to “be a timeless and enduring blue hue that is elegant in its simplicity. This Classic Blue will highlight our desire for a dependable and stable foundation on which to build as we cross the threshold into a new era” according to Pantone.

Industrial Architecture Making a Comeback

In both urban and residential spaces, we should see the industrial architecture trend that began in 2019 continues to pick up momentum. These spaces can be defined by asymmetrical designs in construction and the combination of multiple textures across metal, wood, and recycled plastics widely used in their respective spaces.

Embrace Natural Elements

Layering natural materials and design pieces created sustainably, is a great way to be mindful. Whether that includes utilizing recycled materials, natural wood, or including a touch of life with house plants, we can see people leaning towards a more sustainable style.

Home Architecture with a Mind of Its Own

We may not have flying cars as many predicted by 2020 but we are making strides in the way of Smart Homes. Smart homes and apartments are now being created that offer remote access and control to things like temperature, light, and security. Kitchen appliances can now sync with smartphones, mattresses can monitor sleeping patterns, and spa-like experiences are available in home with products that provide “smart-release” aromatherapy and temperature-controlled shower fixtures.

Less Cool Neutrals, as Color Will Reign in 2020

Neutral greys and beiges are being phased out in favor of a bright pop of color or warmer tones. From furniture to accent walls and everything in between, dare to be bold. Trends are shifting in favor of highlighting individualism by incorporating prints and textures and moving away from traditional rules of all gray interiors.

If you were looking for an excuse to redecorate in the new year, consider incorporating some of these trending elements to kick off the new decade.

(Blog Photo Credit: Richard Powers)