Setting Your Company Up for Success

January 16, 2020
Posted in Employers
January 16, 2020 ThePost

A new year comes with new company wide initiatives, but do you have the manpower to take on the projects ahead? It can be difficult to take time to hire with exciting opportunities on the horizon but there are ways to ensure you are setting yourself, and your team, up for success.


You have built an incredible team full of highly valued employees, so now what? Running a successful business includes many varying factors, one of which, is having engaged and collaborative employees that are excited about coming to work each day. Company culture is now a trending topic and employees are more aware of how they feel each day in the workplace. Understanding employee needs and how to retain your top talent is equally as important as being able to attract new talent to your team.

No Time to Hire?

When the confetti from the holiday parties finally clears and reality kicks back in, time can feel more valuable than usual as we return to the normalcies of office life. Part of the hiring process involves taking time out of the day to interview- be it over the phone, virtual interviews, or even in-office visits, and it is well known that time is money. As tasks begin to stack up, it gets more and more difficult to set aside time to hire, however, bringing someone new onto the team will also mean having someone else to take over the tasks that can bog down your calendar.

Let Us Lend A Helping Hand.

You are not alone when it comes to expanding your team. Working with a recruiting company can help take some of the initial stress out of the process by narrowing the number of candidates that you, as our client, speak with. At Interior Talent, we have 17 years of industry knowledge and can connect with candidates that match the needs you provide. Each search begins with an assessment to understand the ideal candidate for your hiring needs, based on key working criteria, company culture, and values. We manage the initial stages of the interview process and coordination to ensure that your time is well spent.

Good Things Take Time.

Hiring doesn’t necessarily need to take place in Q1. Some strategic plans are better served by first ensuring your existing team and operations are running smoothly. By taking the time to assess where the pain points or growth opportunities exist you can ultimately make better hiring decisions that will serve your long-term goals.

Wishing you much success in 2020!