How to Hire: 5 Reasons Why Industry-Specific Recruiters Are the Best Strategy

January 19, 2021
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January 19, 2021 ThePost

When people begin to look for a job, their first step is usually to look online. In the endless sea of job boards, this can be overwhelming.

Industry-specific job-seekers, such as architects and interior designers, struggle the same as generalized workers. And, employers experience many of the same issues the job-seekers do. There is too much volume when it comes to trying to hire or be hired. 

If you are an architecture or interior design firm looking to recruit, who do you turn to when you are ready to hire? You can’t do it alone.                                                                                                                          

5 Reasons Why You Should Turn to Recruiters to Build Your Team

According to the US Department of Labor, there is currently a higher percentage of job-openings than job-seekers. More jobs than job-seekers pose a real problem for employers who seek to find the most qualified candidates.

The solution to this hiring issue is finding the right team of recruiters familiar with the industry. For architecture and interior design firms, a recruitment agency, such as Interior Talent, is that solution.

1. Recruiters Are the Authority in Their Field

Industry-focused recruiters, like Interior Talent, know our industry. Not every candidate, even the ones that look good on paper, will be the right fit for your company. Great recruiters are going to know who we are working with, the candidates, and the company. As a result of these relationships, we make lasting connections. 

You could call us matchmakers. Except, instead of finding you a life-partner, we’re going to introduce you to the next asset to your team.

2. Recruitment Firms Are Well-Networked

Recruiters know their network of professionals very well. These relationships are significant. We know their skill-set and their area of expertise, and we want to make sure that they show off their best work.

Architecture and design firms throughout our network trust the people we choose to work with because they know we have carefully vetted each individual. Industry-specific association connections are as vital as the ones we make with our network candidates. These connections are how you know you can rely on us. All you have to do is ask others in the industry.

3. Recruiters Have Access to Privileged Information 

The relationships within the architecture and design industry give our recruiters access to insider information, which will help you determine who to hire.

With access to jobs not advertised, our network has access to leads few others do. Our clients come to us for much of the same reason. We have associations with candidates that may not be advertising that they are looking for a new opportunity.

Furthermore, this privileged information is carefully protected. You need to know the recruiter you work with will value this sensitive information as much as you do.

4. Recruitment Agencies Are Your Brand Ambassador   

Your reputation within the community goes beyond the quality of your work. In many cases, your team is the face of your business, and how they represent your company matters.

Recruiters work as agents for our clients as well as our talent. This professional relationship is how we ensure that your company name is not tarnished by those you have working for you. Our reputation is on the line here as well. That’s how serious we take being an ambassador for your brand.

5. Agencies Offer Their Own Job Boards

In the mid-‘90s, job-related search engines were launched, which gave people easy access to job postings in real-time. The need to place industry-specific talent within their respective fields is why niche-job boards came out later that same year.

The concern with these job boards you find online is that the information available on them is often limited or incomplete. You also lose the personal connection that comes with working with an industry-focused recruitment specialist.

When you work with us, you know you are working with one of the top architecture and interior design job boards. Whether you are posting the job, or the job-seeker themselves, your recruiter at Interior Talent will work with you to evaluate the opportunities on our job board. We will answer any questions you have and provide you with all of the information regarding any candidate you wish to meet.  

A Good Strategy for Hiring the Very Best

Now that you have considered all the reasons to utilize an architecture and interior design recruitment agency, it’s time to implement your plans. The best strategy for hiring someone to join your firm will be to hire an expert recruiter to track down the top leads.

With Interior Talent, you know that you are going to find the very best in the industry. We have years’ of experience, since 2003, and are focused on building an extensive candidate network that is relationship-driven. For this reason, our clients and candidates trust the information we present to them.

You want a team you can trust, and you need an expert to help you find them. Turn to the authorities in the field. Contact us at Interior Talent, the leading talent recruitment firm in the Architecture and Interior Design Industry.