Questions To Ask in an Architecture Job Interview

September 23, 2022
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September 23, 2022 ThePost

An architecture job interview can quickly become a back-and-forth discussion with opportunities for you to ask the interviewer some questions.

Asking the right questions creates a positive dialogue, allowing you to know more about the company and the job you’re aspiring for.

It also allows you to gauge how much of a good fit the company will be for your interests and career goals.

Questions To Ask the Job Interviewer

The following are some useful architecture interview questions you can ask the interviewer. The answers to these questions will give you insight into the organization, the company culture and your manager’s expectations.

Q: How many projects would I work on, and what type of projects would be assigned to me?

This question will give you an idea about the company’s expectations, the workload you’ll typically have and the type of projects the company usually handles. In addition, the answers will hint at the range of work experience you’ll potentially get.

Q: Where are your projects located, and what stages are they at?

You’ll know if you need to do a lot of traveling and what type of architecture jobs may be assigned to you. In some cases, you can be given challenging assignments.

Q: What are the challenges and perks of this job?

The answers will give you insights into potential problems you will have to solve and how rewarding the job will be.

Q: Will I report to the company’s principal architect, or will I work with a senior architect?

Next in our list of architecture interview tips is to ask about the organization’s structure. This question probes the organizational structure of the department you’ll be working in. It also gives you an idea regarding your position in the organization.

Q: What’s the size of our architecture team?

After learning about the hierarchy in the organization you’ll be working in, you also need to know how many architects and professionals will be in your department. Smaller organizations with multiple projects can mean you’ll be the only architect working on a single project. Having larger teams means you will be collaborating with other architects at work.

Q: How soon can I start working for you?

The actual date when you can start working for the company will vary depending on the needs of the business. The current standard is that you can start working after a month. However, the actual start date can be negotiated in most cases. The company usually gives you enough time to get your affairs in order.

Q: What are the next steps after this interview?

If the interviewer hasn’t provided this information at the start, you can ask about it after the interview. This question is usually asked to wrap up the discussion, along with questions like “when will I hear from you?”

Q: Will I be allowed to include the projects I worked on in my portfolio?

The answer to this question will give you insight into the company’s policies. For example, some firms will allow you to take credit for the project, but others may not allow it.

Q: Will I be allowed to bring in potential clients?

Asking this question demonstrates that you can do more for the company apart from creating and improving designs. It shows that you can attract clients and help to grow the business.

Q: What initiatives has the company made or is planning to make regarding sustainable architecture?

This question digs into the company’s involvement in their efforts to care for the environment. Asking it will create an opportunity for an interesting conversation, revealing your interest in environmental issues and how well you’ve researched the company.

Q: What type of building information modeling software do you use?

Asking this question demonstrates your technical know-how and experience. Be prepared to discuss REVIT and this application’s benefits and technical details.

Questions You Should Anticipate

When applying for architecture jobs, you should also anticipate questions that your interviewer may ask. Having prepared for these questions, you can engage in meaningful discussions that will demonstrate your value to the company.

Q: What project management services can you provide?

Some firms will expect architects to help with project management. Specific roles you can fill include design adjustments, checking the work of contractors, and obtaining lien waivers and invoice reviews, among others.

Q: Do you have a particular signature or style?

The interviewer is probing whether you can be adaptable or if you prefer to stick to your architectural style. Remember that not all projects you handle will fall within your preferred design style.

Q: Can you recommend one or two general contractors?

The depth of your professional network is being probed with this question. If you have done your due diligence, you may know some of the contractors the company has worked with and mention them during the interview.

Q: Can you render 3D drawings?

If you can discuss your ability to render 3D drawings, you demonstrate that you have the latest training and are up-to-date regarding the industry’s current standards.

Do You Need Help Preparing for an Architecture Job Interview?

Finding a suitable architecture position that aligns with your passions and interests can be difficult. However, an interview can reveal whether you’re a perfect fit for the company.

Specialists at Interior Talent can help you find opportunities in firms that match your interests and enjoy professional growth. Contact us today to learn about opportunities that await you.