Questions You Should Ask Yourself During the Interview Process

October 25, 2023
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October 25, 2023 ThePost

Securing a job offer is not an easy feat, and after polishing your resume and doing your best on your interview, you’re probably elated to learn a company is interested in interviewing you and even hiring you. Things become more exciting when they’re a well-known company offering compensation better than expected. 

As you enter into the interview process, it’s best to ask yourself the questions below and consider your motivators of why you were looking at this next career step. Here are some questions to ask yourself about a new job to help you make the right choice in continuing the interview process and taking an offer. 

  1. What Will My Day-to-Day Look Like?

Taking a new job often means performing new tasks, following a new schedule, or both. As such, it helps to understand what your duties will truly be. Taking the time to imagine what your day-to-day will look like is key to determining if the work will fulfill you or put you on the right track toward career growth. 

It’s also a good idea to consider how this new role will affect your personal life. What does the commute to the office look like? Will this new job require you to work late hours or overtime? Ideally, you want a job that allows you to lead the lifestyle you want. 

  1. What Do the Compensation and Benefits Look Like?

Money and other benefits are important factors when making important career decisions. There’s no harm and shame in reviewing the compensation; in fact, it’s something you must do to understand if a job is the right fit for you and your needs. 

Take a good look at what the opportunity offers and go over the employee perks they’re offering. Do they provide a technology stipend? A relocation bonus? Retirement plans? Are they generous with paid vacations?

Some companies offer unique benefits or are open to providing additional benefits for those who join their firm. So, sharing your feedback on the benefits could open a discussion point during the interview process and even the offer stage in your search. 

  1. What Is the Company Culture Like?

This is an essential question many job seekers fail to ask themselves, especially those who have grown weary of looking for a job. However, considering the culture you’re entering can make all the difference in this next chapter of your career. You’ve landed the jackpot if the firm you’re joining has a healthy culture, but it’s a different story in a workplace with toxic politics or overly competitive teammates if that does not suit your working style. 

Besides understanding their culture, it’s also crucial to ask yourself if you’re a good fit. Some work cultures are formal, while others can be more laid-back and casual. You want to join a company that suits your work style and preferences to ease into your new role as painlessly as possible. 

  1. What Is the Company’s Current State?

Some job seekers make the mistake of reading about the company they’re applying to only a day before the interview. Taking the time to research and ask your Recruiter, if you are working with one, about additional information on the company will allow you to make a wise and informed decision on continuing the interview process or taking an offer with that company. 

Recruiters and hiring managers can provide you with a multitude of information on the company and paint a picture of the company’s current state and future state. Typically, recruitment and hiring firms have a process when taking on clients to vet the company before taking on a search. Most are open to sharing this feedback directly with you to allow you to make the most informed decision along the process. Additionally, using the information available online or through your peers in the industry can guide you toward the right organization. 

  1. Is There Room To Grow? 

Especially for architecture, engineering, and interior design professionals, a great firm to work for is one that offers plenty of opportunities for career advancement. As such, it helps to ask yourself if the company you’re joining supports continued education or career growth. 

Did the hiring manager explicitly mention professional development opportunities? Do they provide their employees with seminars or training programs? If you’re actively taking your career to the next level, you want to ensure you join a firm that you can advance within.  

Doing your Research Can Help Ensure Your Job Satisfaction

Entering the interview process or even receiving a job offer can be relieving and even exciting, especially if you have been looking for a job for a long time. However, ensuring your growth and satisfaction in this chapter of your career requires you to re-evaluate the offer with a level head. Staying grounded and going through these common questions to ask about a new job can help you understand if the job is the right fit for you. Working with a Recruiter, like Interior Talent, can give you a person in your corner to evaluate each step in the interview process and what is your best option from the motivators you shared on why you were searching. 

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