Our Top Blogs of 2023

January 8, 2024
January 8, 2024 ThePost

We’re kicking off the new year with our top blogs of 2023. Last year has been filled with success, career growth, and positive transitions for those with whom we have had the pleasure of working. Changing the professional outlook of both our clients and candidates has been rewarding; however, it’s been equally rewarding to share our knowledge with the A&D community, even if you have not yet benefited directly from our recruitment services.

One of the most impactful ways we’ve been able to do that is right here, through our blogs on “The Post.” That’s why we’re glad to give you insight into the audience’s favorites of all the helpful career resources we’ve shared. Read further to learn more.

1. Succession Planning, It’s Time To Get Serious

Passing the business on.

Succession was a hot topic in 2023! As it turns out, the reading habits of our audience reflected that. Our top blog of the year was this article giving interior design business owners insight into the future of the workforce. Do you own a design firm? If so, what are your plans for your business when the time comes for you to step down? These are the questions to ask yourself while reading. It’ll be worthwhile to get ahead and consider setting your sights on a suitable successor. Click here to make yourself aware of the risks you face if you don’t plan for the future of your business.

2. Laid off? Now stay poised and focused.

Laid Off

According to a study presented by Forbes, Layoffs increased 200% from 2022 to 2023. This shocking statistic explains why this article resonated so much with our readers. This blog will give you the tools needed to hop back into the job market with a clear and effective plan. Click here to dive more into a list of tips to follow if you’ve recently found yourself in this unfortunate predicament. If you have, the good news is that it’s not hopeless. If you’re strategic and organized, you can bounce back from a layoff with ease.

3. Combating Ageism When Searching for A New Job


Coming in third most popular is our blog geared towards our readers who are facing difficulties finding new work and suspect it may be because of their age. This article is a great resource for tips and tricks to implement during the process of your job search to alleviate the imbalance. Read more on how to navigate this trick yet unfair issue by clicking here.

4. The Architecture Lovers Guide to Orlando

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Orlando, FL, is where our company is based, and we’re enjoying every beautiful moment here. Here’s where we take you on a tour through some of Orlando’s historic and most fascinating architectural sites. Take a peek at buildings of all styles and ages in this fun blog!

5. Inspiration from Women in the Design Industry

Chairs background

Last but not least, we have another audience favorite that celebrates the leadership and perseverance of two talented women in the architecture and design industry with whom we’ve had the pleasure of working closely. Read more for this interview with Gayle Doby and Zoe Feldman. Doby and Feldman share their inspirations, things they’ve learned, and the many obstacles they encountered on their journeys towards success, from gender discrimination to the unique work-life balance struggle that plagues professional women.

If you missed any of these from 2023, we hope you were able to apply these tips to yourself and your career journey. Stay tuned with us as we continue to be a resource for you in 2024! Also, don’t forget to keep in touch with us on Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook for similar content and career opportunities in Architecture and Interior Design.

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