Holiday Season Hiring – Not As Elusive As It Seems

December 13, 2019
Posted in Job Seekers
December 13, 2019 ThePost

As we come to the close of 2019, it is natural to question where you stand with your career. Whether there are holiday hiring myths holding you back, or the end of the year just seems daunting, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

Applying during the holiday season can actually make you stand out among your competition.

While other applicants may be holding off until the New Year, studies show that during holiday season, there are a lower number of inbound applications and that will work in your favor. Recruiters and hiring managers are still actively looking to fill jobs based on both current and future needs. That need doesn’t go away when the clocks strike midnight on New Year’s Eve, it just means that they will need to be filled even with the rest of Q1 tasks on a plate.

Your timeline could fit perfectly with a “New Year, New Career” mentality.

Applying and interviewing during the holiday season could provide additional flexibility when it comes to start dates. If you’re holding out for an end of year bonus or you have vacations scheduled in advance, don’t let those things hold you back from seeking that perfect new career. In most cases, your new company will respect your transparency in regards to your timeline, or they’re already thinking of a January start date as well. Q4 is usually a time to wrap up projects and prepare for the New Year so training at a later date is ideal as well.

Holiday travels sparked a sense of Wanderlust… now what?

In the interest of “New Year, New You,” have you also considered a change in scenery? For many people, relocation also becomes a part of the job hunt once the New Year rolls around. This could be a great time to decide if you are ready to take the next step in your career and life journey by further expanding your job search outside of local boundaries.

‘Tis the season — for networking!

Take advantage of networking events happening around town as well as opportunities to reach out to new connections online. Recruiters spend a majority of their day on LinkedIn so revamping your profile, updating your resume, and reaching out online is a great way to get noticed. In a similar sense, interact with your ideal company through their social platforms. Instagram and Facebook provide further opportunity to see what’s new in office- or what jobs a company may be looking to fill.