Go With the Flow

January 18, 2022
Posted in Job Seekers
January 18, 2022 ThePost

Adaptability is something that should not be overlooked when it comes to being a thriving employee. Being able to embrace flexibility, change, and fluidity in the workplace has become a key component to success, especially over these last few years.

Whether that means broadening your horizons during your career search or simply welcoming the new era of working from home, you’d be surprised by all the places your mind can go when you let go of “the plan.”

Be Flexible in Your Job Search

Not all career paths are linear – especially within a creative community like A&D. For example, it is not uncommon for designers to transition into sales-driven positions. An architect might find a passion for teaching and leave the firm environment to go and mentor at a university. The point is, when you open your mind to opportunities that play to your strengths and not just your current job title, the possibilities are endless.  

No matter the role you’re in, focus on building solid relationships within the industry, and doors that you may not have known to look for will begin to open around you – that might even be with the help of a recruiter! Our team is honored to partner with some of the brightest minds in design, and a piece of that is presenting passive candidates with opportunities they may not have thought to apply to on their own.

Change in Scenery

Remote work and hybrid options are becoming increasingly popular as both employees and employers see their benefit potential. Recent studies have shown that while designated office space is the most common setup for those working at home, employees have also converted closet spaces to outdoor patios and even found ways to work successfully while traveling. If you’re able to, mixing up your working location is a great way to keep a remote working environment from feeling too mundane. Or, if you’re fully remote and living in virtual meeting rooms – try adding a fun virtual background!

Results-Driven vs. 9-to-5

While fully remote jobs are increasing in popularity, what seems to be another topic of interest is the option to have flexibility in working hours. Tasks like picking up the kids, attending a class at the gym, or even being home for apartment repairs are all nuances of daily living that used to be out of the question, given the 9-to-5 grind of the past. These days, we’re seeing more employers favor flexibility if the work is getting done.

Plan for the Unplanned!

John Lennon once said, “Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans.” If you expect the unexpected, it is easier to make decisions as you go. Don’t be afraid to account for a bit of unusual decision-making or going outside of your comfort zone, as this is the space where growth takes place.

We encourage you to embrace the unexpected and challenge yourself to venture outside your comfort zone this year. Accept that InMail that sparks your curiosity. Be the one that embraces the rearranging of desks in the office or switches to hybrid workspaces. Whatever the hurdle, try to be the dynamic individual that welcomes the change.