Endless Possibilities in Virtual Design

May 19, 2020
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May 19, 2020 ThePost

Now that working from home and exploring remote opportunities have become a more popular option for designers, you may be wondering if this is the right next step for your career.

If you’re contemplating a virtual shift or simply looking to pick up a few more design projects in your spare time, here is some helpful advice to consider as you get started on your journey.

Do Your Homework

Virtual designing carries different challenges than working in a studio. Hosting virtual presentations might feel awkward or uncomfortable so finding a platform that works for you and your style is a must. Video conferences with a screen share capability are enormously helpful for going through your design process in real-time with a client.

Create Your Own Schedule

Managing your time can get tricky if you’re new to the world of virtual work. Being able to plan ahead appointments for the week and schedule time for focus will be essential as a virtual designer. Whether your calls are over the phone, video meetings, or through a screen-share platform, setting off blocks of time and having a purpose to each call will ensure that the process flows smoothly and stays on track with your client’s timeline. This is also a great perk for working parents or designers that simply want to manage their own clock.

Mind Your Workspace

Be sure to create a work environment that lends well to a clear and creative mindset, the ability to block out distractions, and be fully equipped for whatever you’d need during your design process. A cozy chair or noise-canceling headphones might be the key factor that helps you dive into a productive day.

Collaboration is Key

The common end goal of each virtual design is to find a plan for a space that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing to your client; it is their space after all. That being said, knowing what you need from your client ahead of time will ensure that everyone is on the same page as the process progresses. Floor plans, spacing, budgets, and colors will all be elements that your clients should provide either before or during your initial call that can guide you as the designer to the finish line. Being able to quickly shift and rearrange elements of your design to suit their preferences will be crucial.

Brand Partnership

Virtual Designers also have the opportunity to partner with reputable and recognizable brands that consumers adore. Partnering with well-known brands can increase your customer base, drive traffic to your design services, and also allow you to custom design layouts utilizing name brand products.

With this advice, we hope it can help provide you with more clarity on if a virtual shift is right for you.

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