Completing Your LinkedIn Profile

September 28, 2020
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September 28, 2020 ThePost

As we all know, LinkedIn has become a uniquely diverse platform for professional networking, job searching, and outward recruitment.

If you are actively looking to take a step in your career, or are hoping that a recruiter will reach out while you are still in a passive mindset, here are a few items to consider when refreshing your LinkedIn profile.

Job Description

One of the nice things about LinkedIn is that their user interface encourages easy updates to each of the sections on your profile. As you progress and take on additional responsibilities in your current role, consider adding a few bullet points of your key responsibilities or unique skills that you have obtained while working in that position. Not only will this keep your profile up to date but can also be useful should the time come that you need to formally update your resume, as the two outlines should mirror one another.

Company Description

It is not uncommon to include a few sentences about your employer in your profile as well, especially if you work at a firm that is active in multiple sectors. If your position is solely focused on a singular sector, it is also a good idea to reference the areas of the projects you have been involved in.

company description


The skills section on your profile encompasses Industry Knowledge, Tools & Technologies, Interpersonal Skills, and other skills. This is another section that can be continuously updated throughout your career to include new software, new sectors, etc. to further showcase your experience. You can even have connections in your network endorse your skills!

LinkedIn Profile Skills

Profile Picture

Having a current and professional profile picture is a nice finishing touch to completing your LinkedIn profile. When so much of the networking and interaction of the site is entirely virtual, it is certainly nice to be able to put a face to a name for those that you connect with.

LinkedIn Profile Picture

Job Preferences

This is a feature that is specifically helpful if you are interested in having recruiters reach out to you. By filling out this section, you are able to list not only job titles that you are open to, but also if you are interested in relocating and what those locations may be, whether you are passively or actively looking, and what types of jobs you are open to – full/part time, contract, temporary, etc.

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