A Changing Landscape – are part-time roles for you? 

August 12, 2020
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August 12, 2020 ThePost

Forging forward with a new professional landscape seems to look a bit different these days; which for some lends space to take advantage of new opportunities. Many adults have transitioned to a full “work from home” schedule. Some parents are spending more time with their children at home as distance learning through a virtual platform becomes a popular option. Showrooms and design studios have adapted to adjusted hours and appointment only routines.

With these changes, we’re seeing candidates shift to exploring opportunities that don’t necessarily look like the standard “nine-to-five” we are all used to. If you’re considering something a bit more flexible, part-time roles have some great benefits to consider. Here are some benefits of part-time roles to consider…

Keep Your Career Path on Track

If you had to take a step back from a full-time career or were impacted by the nationwide layoffs over the last few months, a part-time opportunity could be a great stepping stone to staying active in the design community. Remaining up to date on top trends and industry standards will make it that much easier if you choose to return to a full-time opportunity down the line.

Spend More Time with Family

Now that schools are pushing back start dates and many are opting for fully virtual options, daytime childcare has also shifted so families are now finding new ways of shifting their schedules to be available. Others have found the work from home method has given them more time with the family so you may be exploring how to continue that into the future. Part-time opportunities become a better option as they have the flexibility of scheduling hours during the week and on the weekend to keep the family dynamic running in a way that works best for you and your family.

Utilize Your Skills in a New Way

If you’re a designer that has spent the majority of your time serving clients and their design needs, taking on a part-time showroom sales opportunity might be a great way to put your skills to a new test. For example, residential designers that are well versed in whole-home furnishing could be successful in a furniture showroom, likewise for K&B designers that want to try their hand at working for a supplier.

If you’re one of the many that is ready to explore what opportunities are out there, there is no better time than the present, and you can do so by heading over to Jobs.InteriorTalent.com to see what aligns with your current interests and needs.