April 23, 2019
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April 23, 2019 ThePost
Are you experiencing growth but having trouble attracting and hiring strong talent for your company?

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Are you nervous your talent is looking elsewhere and might make a move? 

As we have discussed previously, the market has shifted and candidates are finding themselves with more options. One great way to attract and more importantly retain your talent is to offer a strong and unique benefits package.  

The tech world is known for extravagant corporate campuses and amazing benefits. It’s almost standard to hear about an in-house chef, yoga classes, dry cleaning services and huge budgets for customized works spaces. What if you took some of these ideas and scaled them down to a viable option for your team? Offering better benefits not only attributes to the well-being of your employees it also promotes loyalty. It’s pretty simple, by providing benefits that improve, enhance or simplify aspects of your employees life you’re setting the stage for a happier, more productive, loyal employee; and the long-term success of your company. Whether you’re a small or a large company there are ways to improve your benefits ‘suite’ which will improve your ability to recruit and retain the best talent.



Don’t forget the basics: Health – Finances – Family. A sound health insurance and retirement package is a must with bonus points for a discount gym membership or other health related benefits such as bringing in a masseuse for monthly 20-minute shoulder massages, subsidized healthy meals or a nap room. If your company has the resources, helping out with childcare is a huge bonus, or offer flexible hours for parents. We have clients that have incorporated a nursing mothers room in their office to offer privacy for new Mom’s that have returned to work.


Providing services for tasks and chores that your employee would usually have to take care of in off-hours means a more focused employee while at work. Some things you could offer: dry cleaning service (there are companies that pick up and drop off), once a month mobile car cleaning, dog-walking, accounting services and house cleaning.


Good food usually means good moods. A chef on staff may not be in the budget but what about a weekly bagel and coffee run? Or a weekly lunch that is ordered in for the team, this is especially valuable if everyone is encouraged to eat together. You can even start with a small healthy snack station in the office. A little can go a long way.  Do you or the company already have season tickets to your local sports team? Do you attend local events in your community? Share tickets once in a while with you employees. Encourage them to form a sports team, join a league or experience some local events. Remember it does not have to be costly. Most community’s host free local farmers markets each month, coordinate an outing to visit and spend time with each other. 


Give employees the time and resources necessary for self-improvement. Offer onsite classes or programs. Bring in a speaker or host a lunch-and-learn. Do field trips. Encourage a learning and solution-based working environment where it’s okay to say ‘I don’t know’ and figure out the solution.


Make it personal. Whether you are a big company or a tiny start up, giving employees personal perks makes the difference. If you are a bigger company this may mean you offer a diverse range of benefits to cover the different ways people feel valued, if you’re smaller you hopefully know your employees a bit better and so can customize and form a leaner but effective benefits suite.  If you think you can’t afford it–get creative–offer something the company already provides as a service, partner with a vendor for discounts or engage the community.